Dazné® (daz•nay) is a global management consulting and executive coaching firm based out of Mumbai (Bombay), India. We exist to improve the effectiveness and performance of organizations and the leaders who run them.

We believe that change begins with those who lead, and those at the top have tremendous ability (and responsibility) to drive positive change within their organizations, and, by extension, making the world a better place.

We are here to help you cause disruption, to facilitate change in people, and to alter the status quo.

How we work

Our approaches revolve around a simple idea: Improving the client’s condition.

We work with our clients to maximize the potential of their people so that they get outstanding results. We do that by utilizing the existing talents and resources of their organizations to enhance customer service and to reach business goals.

Our work is collaborative, involving client personnel and resources and the transfer of skills to the client.

What we do

We assist businesses and organizations worldwide with high-impact experiential interventions by advising them in these key areas:

  • Organizational Growth
  • Leadership Excellence
  • Effective Communications
  • Performance Coaching
  • Personal Effectiveness
  • Team Dynamics

Organizational Growth
Our organizational solutions lead to greater savings of time and money, making better use of resources, and having higher profits.

  • Create empowering work environments that release the passion, initiative, and intellect of each person.
  • Improve efficiency, streamline operations, increase customer satisfaction, and improve collaboration for greater profits.
  • Build a culture that fosters trust and innovation.

Leadership Excellence
Effective leadership fosters a collaborative environment, empowers employees, improves performance, and enhances customer satisfaction.

  • Change your current behaviors to be more effective, fulfilled, and connected to others based on the foundation of good leadership (self-awareness and thoughtful action).
  • Maximize positive working relationships with your colleagues and subordinates.
  • Build environments where people contribute and feel valued.

Effective Communications
Get your intended message across more often, more easily, and in a clear and concise way.

  • Make it easy for your employees and customers to understand you (and for them to take action).
  • Organizations frequently work with us to “dejargonize” themselves. Be clear and personal in your writing while avoiding corporate-speak and business jargon that gets in the way of the work in most organizations.
  • Improve business writing to better communicate with staff.

Performance Coaching
Learn how to improve workplace performance and take it to the next level.

  • Bring together the strategic, tactical, and technological aspects of workplace effectiveness and performance in ways that you can use to improve — both at work and in life.
  • Identify the systems and processes that make it possible to engage in the activities of highest value. Outline the skill set and repeatable behaviors to enhance the mindset of effective workflow and practices.
  • Identify specific strategies to maximize your attention, focus on priorities, and effectively achieve goals.

Personal Effectiveness
Understand and implement strategies to reduce work-related stress and enhance work-life balance.

  • Reclaim your time and attention, improve your overall effectiveness, and fundamentally reinvent your approach to doing the work that you love.
  • Stay on top of change and focus on what matters most to you so you can create a bigger impact and experience greater satisfaction in your life.
  • Create the space to do strategic thinking, develop your team, and give yourself the time to plan and execute on longer-term projects.

Team Dynamics
Most of the work in organizations is done collaboratively in teams. Knowing how to work well with others by working in teams effectively is a crucial skill to master in order to make progress on and, ultimately, complete your projects.

  • Build world-class teams that design award-winning products and services.
  • Create synergy in your teams to create the unprecedented.
  • Foster greater collaboration and results in your team, as a result of team members understanding, respecting, and working better with each other.

What clients say

  • “Rishabh [at Dazné®] is an unbelievable business resource! His uncanny ability to bring things to a level that they are manageable and doable rather than overwhelming and daunting is tremendous.” —Scientist, Aeronautical and Space Organization

  • “When it comes to management consulting, there are loads of commentators that talk good, but Rishabh [at Dazné®] makes it happen. He has enabled me to challenge my personal paradigms on time management and productivity. His succinct writing on various topics are interesting and engaging at the same time.” —Business Owner, Accounting firm

  • “Rishabh’s contributions [through Dazné®] have added lasting value to our organization. He helped us improve our core team’s performance, which resulted in getting our team to communicate better and helping us stay on top of our projects.” —CEO, Nonprofit Organization

  • “Rishabh [at Dazné®] has an interesting and challenging job enabling people to realize their full potential and striking the balance between their private and professional life.” —Chairman, Insurance Company

  • “I found Rishabh [at Dazné®] quite objective and unbiased in helping my team members resolve their differences.” —Business Owner, Supply Chain and Logistics Organization

  • “Rishabh [at Dazné®] is an excellent coach for your journey in becoming more effective and efficient in life.” —Writer and Copyeditor

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