In the recent past, I have written more than 330 short essays to inspire others (including myself) to be their best selves, so that together, we can create a better future. I’d like to share these ideas with you at your event. My talk would cover themes including (but not limited to):

  • living a less but better life
  • the art of slowing down
  • why you don’t need more time
  • saying yes (not no) is the key
  • the power of pause
  • why money isn’t true wealth
  • work better without working longer (or smarter)
  • simplify your life
  • work and play
  • true success is a three-legged stool
  • there is nothing to achieve

Through these ideas, I hope to inspire you to:

  • live in service of others
  • be (and do) your best every day
  • be fully engaged in your personal and work life
  • do things joyfully
  • live a happier and fulfilled life
  • embrace challenges and thrive in uncertainty
  • make fewer and better decisions
  • lead others without having to empower them
  • improve your relationship with the world around you
  • live modestly as a life ambition


  • “Rishabh’s insights into the human spirit enlightens us to what the purpose of life should be.”

  • “Rishabh can present any new concept by inter-relating various dimensions from theory and practical life.”

  • “The simple and straightforward approach to sometimes complex issues is what seemed to attract me the most. Thought provoking, wisdom invoking, and multidimensional…”

  • “Rishabh can expertly break down a complicated subject and offer real-world examples that distill practical advice and knowledge.”

  • “Your thoughts on spirituality certainly resonate with Ralph Waldo Emerson’s.”

  • “[Rishabh’s ideas] convey the noble cause that he lives as part of his mission — of being useful to this world.”

  • “…It’s a bit like listening to a mentor give course correction if that makes sense. I also like to slip the lessons into conversations with those still working and to see if they resonate with them.”

  • “Rishabh is a man, who is doing his own “work,” and therefore knows a great deal about what it takes to be an effective human being.”

  • “I think Rishabh’s ideas are original even though some of the topics are very popular — he has a valuable take on them.”

  • “Rishabh knows everything about productivity and personal effectiveness.”

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