Hi. I’m a philosopher. I believe there is no greater success in the world than rightful living — how we live each day matters more than what we do (achieve) in our lives. And if we focus on our actions and strive to be our best, together, we can truly change the world. I help others simplify their lives, set changes in motion, and do things joyfully (and sustainably). I do this through writing, coaching/consulting, speaking, and community building.

I’ve found the best way to learn is to share ideas with others. I’ve written more than 340 short essays to inspire others (most of all myself) to be their best, so we may all live a life that matters. You can think of these writings as my experiments with the Truth.

I’m a hopeless romantic, Nintendo fan, and an ice-cream-loving millennial from Bombay, India. I write in American English and speak Indian English.