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What readers say

  • “The themes I see in Rishabh’s writing are incredibly helpful in improving personal effectiveness and becoming the best version of ourselves.”

  • “Rishabh’s writing has a quality of starting out with a very simple theme, a simple idea, and then developing into a surprising and deep look at some core component of what it means to work, or be creative, or be human. I always learn something. He always makes me think.”

  • “Thank you for your weekly email newsletter/blog post. Your writing is always excellent; full of insight and thought-provoking material. I am amazed that you manage to crank out such quality on a regular basis. The fact that you also cross-reference and link to previous material is equally impressive. Thank you for sharing your knowledge and wisdom with me.”

  • “Rishabh’s articles are articulate, lucid, simple, and engaging. He can connect with himself as well as with the readers quite nicely. He can present any new concept by inter-relating various dimensions from theory and practical life.”

  • “I’ve worked with Rishabh for over five years and admire his dedication to the writing craft. His insights into the human spirit enlightens us to what the purpose of life should be. He can expertly break down a complicated subject and offer real-world examples that distill practical advice and knowledge for any reader.”

  • “I started reading the Newsflash a while ago, not sure where I first saw it, and was immediately hooked. It seems to bring about a sense of calm when I read it and I have tried to internalise the lessons/advice they contain. It’s a bit like listening to a mentor give course correction if that makes sense. Even though I am now retired I still like to read your email and experience that feeling of being grounded, I also like to slip the lessons into conversations with those still working and to see if they resonate with them. Your weekly emails are always worthwhile, thoughtful and enlightening.”

  • “I have had the opportunity to read through some of his pieces and the simple and straightforward approach to sometimes complex issues is what seemed to attract me the most. I am also impressed with the consistency and the discipline in churning out quality content. Thought provoking, wisdom invoking, and multidimensional…”

  • “Rishabh is incredible! Every week he provides a true masterpiece of his mindset. Every time I see a new piece, I dedicate time to concentrate reading and defining some points that need to be followed. He knows everything about productivity and personal effectiveness.”

  • “I appreciate the thoughtfulness and sensitivity in Rishabh’s writing. It’s obvious he’s a man who is doing his own “work,” and therefore knows a great deal about what it takes to be an effective human being. Thank you Rishabh for the insights and kindness in your work!”

  • “Kudos to Rishabh for penning weekly newsflashes on subjects of day-to-day interest. I read these every week and try to relate to my own experiences of life. The subjects chosen by Rishabh are of common interest, based on practical observations of day-to-day life. Language is simple and lucid. The flow is logical, easy to comprehend and follow.”

  • “I love Rishabh’s writings for its sheer simplicity in bringing out rather complex issues that we deal with in everyday life. His writings are lucid, relevant and very easy to connect, given the simplicity with which he explains the concept in an in-depth manner. The big plus point is he makes it easy to implement action plans!”

  • “Rishabh’s writings are easy to read but rich in content. As one mulls over, one finds how relevant they are. I am sure the points mentioned if followed would greatly benefit the reader. However, even if one does not follow it sincerely, it has the capacity to guide the reader in effective decision-making even inadvertently.”

  • “Reading Rishabh’s articles is what made my day today. Undoubtedly, he’s a very very articulate and effective writer. I look forward to see more of his writings.”

  • “Rishabh’s writings are original, realistic, and interesting. Since his writings are done with a genuine purpose to extend knowledge inputs for a better life, it adds much more meaning to his articles. Also, it conveys the noble cause that he lives as part of his mission — of being useful to this world.”

  • “The themes I see coming from Rishabh’s writing are very helpful ideas on productivity and becoming a better human. I think his ideas are original even though some of the topics are very popular (like standing desk) — he has a valuable take on them.”

  • “Although I’m not a reader, Rishabh’s writing communicates what he has to say in utmost clarity and in specifics, in a way that I end up not only reading the articles but applying them right away. The points mentioned, the processes, they find their places up in the brains and make spaces that start working in order to bring order in daily life crisis.”

  • “In Rishabh’s writing, the flow and sequence is very clear which reflects that even his thoughts are organized, which is very rare! I like the simple use of language, no unnecessary use of jargons. These articles can even be used by those who are learning English and just getting a hang of it.”

  • “Your writing is very impressive, both in substance and style. The piece you wrote about Spiritual Life shows your immense grasp on a new subject as also your ability to place the entire story in logical sounding and eye-catching subtitles. This was the first time I read your blog and as such I now look forward to reading more of them. I am sure, each piece will say something important to ponder on!”