Create Your Reality

UPDATE: Don’t create your (subjective) reality, instead surrender to (objective) Reality.

How often do we get stuck thinking about the current situations in our lives? We keep thinking about the same issues. We keep saying (and doing) the same things, and then we wonder why our lives don’t change.

I wrote earlier:

One reason we get stuck is we keep doing the same things and expect different results, which most believe to be the definition of insanity. It’s easy to get stuck in that vicious cycle unless we pull ourselves out or if someone sees us stuck and helps pull us out.

We let our existing situations determine our reality. We get fixated on problems in that we question our everyday circumstances, but the more important point is that the things we do on a daily basis are only a result of our thinking. But, we cannot find solutions for problems with the same thinking and actions as we had when the problems were created. As the aphorism goes, “If you think what you’ve always thought, you’ll do what you’ve always done, and get what you’ve always got”.

I shared earlier:

Our life is a manifestation of our thoughts. Our thoughts are more powerful than our words or actions. For instance, our thoughts create our relationships more than our words or actions. So we can use our thoughts to heal our mind, and by extension, our relationships. We can use our thoughts to manifest whatever we want in all areas of our lives. We are writing our destiny every minute with our thoughts.

I remember a few years ago when I lost some body fat quickly (some 50+ lbs in 3+ months). I would run on the treadmill every day for 5 days a week after returning from work. I would visualize every day what it felt like to have already lost the fat I carried at the time. I became obsessed with reaching that goal in my mind. I was diligently checking my weight every week to ensure I was heading in the right direction. It was only a matter of time before I was able to achieve that goal. Sure, I put in the work, which is a given for anything we do, but the more important part that kept me going was the intention behind the goal. It was less about knowing I could do it, but more about being able to see myself having done it already, which inspired me to take action every day. The end result meant I needed an entirely new wardrobe, which was a good problem to have. Change happens in the Why, not in the How. In other words, anyone who has figured out their Why will be able to overcome any How. This is in contrast to what most people believe.

Here’s the thing: We can either let our current circumstances determine our reality OR we can use our mind to manifest the reality we want to happen. We always have that choice. Moreover, it’s not about living in denial, but about selecting parts of reality that we choose to focus on. It means staying with the dream we have and enjoying our journey on the way to its existence. In any case, it’s never about the manifestation, but the journey itself. What we happen to manifest along the way is only a byproduct of our journey.

I wrote earlier:

When we believe in something, we follow it up with action consistently. It’s only by doing the work over time can we influence the outcome, which is simply a byproduct of our actions (and not the reason for doing them).

That believing part is the key. We have to believe that what we want to happen will manifest. And the first step is for us to consciously decide that we want to make some kind of meaningful change in our lives. It’s not enough to passively think about what we want our lives to be. We need to be as detailed as possible about what we want it to be. We ask ourselves two questions: What do we want our life to be? And why do we want it?

J. P. Morgan said it best:

The first step towards getting somewhere is to decide that you are not going to stay where you are.

Once we know in detail the change we want to bring in our lives, we will only think about what we want to happen in our lives (and cut out everything else that is in contrast). This is harder than it seems, but more on this below.

It’s all in the thinking and feeling as to what we want to manifest. We need to set an intention for ourselves. We will focus on how we will feel once we have that thing, rather than how the absence of it makes us feel right now. We are not concerned with how or when we are going to receive. But, we will focus on what we want and how we think and feel about it. Any time we find ourselves thinking about something that is in contrast to what we want to happen, we ask ourselves if what we are thinking is a satisfying thought.

We need to speak more about what we desire and then manage the energy of our thoughts. We need to allow enough momentum for our thoughts to flow so that the conflicting beliefs don’t have the power to slow them down that much. It’s the power of non-resistant thought.

Stop trying to “make it happen”, instead allow it to simply be; your work isn’t to produce or create it, your work is to dream it into place and let the momentum of it inspire you to the action.

Our every thought manifests into reality. We cannot want something and doubt if it will happen at the same time. Wanting and doubting are mutually exclusive. We have to believe what we want to happen has already happened and then we want to feel what it feels like. Wanting it but not believing we can have it won’t work. If we can just stop beating the drum of not having it, that alone would be enough (for now).

We need to stop pointing out what’s missing in our life, because until we do that, we will keep the “what’s missing” in our vibration, which prevents what we want from happening.

Let’s say you want to manifest something tangible in your life. Pick anything. Now ask yourself, what would it feel like to have that thing. What do you think you might do, say, think, imagine, focus upon, or write about, that would lead you to practice the feeling of having that thing? What do you think it would feel like along the way to that successfully happening? The thing is most people don’t try to think about what they want to be feeling before it happens, they want to wait until it happens and then they want to respond to the event, which is a conditional response. The thing is, we should focus on conjuring it before the condition.

We need to amplify our sense of prosperity. For instance, we can ask ourselves, what are some other things in our life that already give us the same feeling? As Esther Hicks would say, and I paraphrase, we want to feel as happy on our way as we will be when we get there. That’s unconditional success; we want that thing not for the thing itself, but for the journey. The thing is merely a byproduct of the journey we take. Do it for the feeling, not for the results that the feeling will bring.

How many of us hold ourselves hostage by not allowing ourselves to be happy until we get the thing we want to manifest? But, we can’t get the thing we desire under those conditions. It’s gotta be a happy journey before we get that thing.

We have to believe. We either believe in our ability to be, do, or what we have OR we don’t.

Everything is a vibration before it’s a manifestation. But in reality, it’s not about the manifestation, but about the journey we embark on. Think about what we want as if it’s already true. Tune into that frequency and cut out everything else. We need to stop paying attention to our current life situation and start paying attention to the life we want to create. The reason we are not living the life we want is because we keep thinking about the life we have. We are so wrapped up in what is, that we are not moving towards what could be. Our beliefs keep us from our desires.

We need to stop looking at the situation and create a thought. Instead, we create the thought and radiate it to what we want our life to be.

We need to hold our focus on the vision of what we want without getting hung up on how it’s going to be. Stand back and trust the process without worrying about the specifics.

We are always in the receptive mode of something while we are awake. We need to stop giving attention to what we don’t want, and find things that feel good to focus upon. We can tune ourselves into the frequency of who we really are.

When we allow ourselves to dream the dream until the dream inspires us to take the action, then all of the action is blissful.

As will be our consciousness, so will be our thought. As will be our thought, so will be our feeling. As will be our feeling, so will be our behavior.

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