Conquer Your Vices

When we set an alarm and it goes off, we have three options: one is that we wake up (we exercise our will, not willpower), second is we simply turn it off, and the third option is we don’t even need the alarm clock because we wake up on our own. Festivals can be compared to our morning alarms. It means the alarm has buzzed — an alarm for us to change our life, to change our way of living, and to wake up from the sleep of ignorance.

It’s been said that festivals come only to awaken us. They serve as annual reminders to change our lives for the better. They can be considered an alarm clock just like we set our morning alarms. Do we listen to the alarm, turn it off, and go back to sleep, or do we wake up now, negating the need for an alarm to ring every year? Once we are awakened, we won’t need an alarm again. We will remain awake. When we do this and it becomes our way of living, then that leads to the death of our vices.

The negativity, weaknesses, and vices within us are increasing every year, which means they are increasing in the entire world.

It’s said there are ten vices in every soul. The percentage may vary, but all these vices are present in each of us: lust, anger, greed, attachment, ego, jealousy, hatred, deceit, stubbornness, and laziness. We need to cut off these vices of the soul. When we invoke our divinity and powers, these ten vices will be automatically eliminated.

We say we want to stop fear, jealousy, hurt, anger, etc., but because it feels like an endless list, we get overwhelmed and give up. It feels challenging enough to stop one vice, let alone all of them. We cannot work on stopping each vice one by one. If we remove one vice, there will soon be another one that springs up in its place. Remember, the root of all vices is body consciousness.

We can’t work individually on the vices; instead, we need to replace body consciousness with soul consciousness. This is where daily spiritual study and meditation helps to elevate the consciousness that we are a pure soul and we are God’s child. When we fill ourselves with this power, each and every vice within us ends. We will not even feel the efforts to put an end to the ten vices. We will then wonder how we were able to end our vices so quickly. It’s only possible through the practice of soul consciousness.

Look at the distractions in our lives today — the things we hear, read, watch, eat, drink, etc. We have become so intent on earning money that we are ready to leave others behind or to put others down because what is outside seems quite attractive to us. It is so attractive that we cross the boundaries of disciplines. When that happens, our vices grip us and enter our souls. We forget the purpose of life and cross the line of life’s disciplines. Then, we seek God. When we are in pain and sorrow because of our vices, we start remembering God and calling Him. We say, “Dear God, please come and rescue me from my sorrows, difficulties, and weaknesses”. That is when He comes to rescue our souls. He comes and gives us knowledge to win over our vices. Without connecting to God, we cannot liberate ourselves from the prison of our vices. He gives us knowledge, love, and power to rescue us from our vices. It will become our way of living henceforth. Awakening from the sleep of our vices, we experience purity in life and inculcation of wisdom, connection with God, and clear purpose of life. We remain within the lines of disciplines. When we study God’s wisdom and invoke the eight powers within us, we can abolish the ten vices completely because we are also shedding body consciousness.

When we conquer our vices, our life is a joy to live. Once we eradicate our vices, it will bring peace and happiness to our lives. Prosperity will not just come into our lives, but the entire planet. So divinity, powers, and conquering of vices is the only way to sustain this planet. All of us have the responsibility of making that contribution.

We can impart a beautiful message and learning in our life. I, the soul, lives in this body, which is made of five elements and belongs to God. The purpose of life was quite clear. The purpose was always in the mind and life was lived as per discipline. A line of disciplines was drawn according to the purpose of life, and as long as we hold on to the purpose of life, as long as there are principles, values, and discipline in life, we will be safe.

Our vices never enter in their real form. They enter in a disguised, attractive form. They come in such an attractive form that we are led to crossing the line of discipline. As long as we are within the boundaries of discipline, no matter how long vices remain outside those boundaries, they can’t reach us.

We need to take this as a vow in our life. The ways of living with discipline at home, in the family, in the country, and discipline of the soul — all these disciplines are our protection. As long as we are within the boundary of these disciplines, our vices will have to remain outside for an entire lifetime where they are unable to reach us. The moment we cross the line of discipline, our vices grab us. Let’s conquer our vices before they conquer us.

This piece wraps up the series on the powers of the soul. If this is the first piece you read, start here and work your way up to this piece.

Note: I am extremely grateful for having learned these lessons from my spiritual advisors.

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