In an earlier draft, we talked about detaching from situations so that the energy of the situation cannot influence us. This makes it easy for us to let go and tolerance becomes natural. After this, we are able to accept others more.

The more we expect from others, the more of our soul power is depleted. The first sign we observe, when soul power increases, is that our expectations decrease and our power for acceptance increases.

Contrary to common opinion, acceptance has little to do with saying things to anyone and just blindly accepting everything they say or do. It’s also not about letting the situation remain as-is and letting others do what they want. Obviously, our home, work, and the world would cease to function this way.

We think about these things when the other person and situation does not match our expectations in some way. We only end up sending them our negative vibrations through our thoughts, so the size of the problem or behavior increases. Indirectly, we become responsible for escalating the problem or the negative behavior of others.

Acceptance simply means there will be different situations and habits/values that other people hold, but we need to stop worrying about what we cannot change. We need to let the problem remain outside of ourselves.

Acceptance is also a big part of forgiving. It means to stop thinking about other people’s behavior or about the problem that the situation has created. When we remain stable in our mind, we accept the situation for what it is, freeing the next moment to think about what has to be done. In other words, we become solution-oriented, not problem-focused. We stop thinking of the problem, and start thinking about the solution, because we have already accepted the current circumstance. This requires changing your perception from focusing on the current problem and thinking instead about what we have to do about it.

Only those who accept their situations can experience contentment. We may have the perfect health, occupation, and relationships, but we might still experience emptiness within. Contentment or fulfillment doesn’t come from achieving perfection outside. Even if everything is perfect in our lives, we cannot experience contentment if our soul power is depleted. On the contrary, if nothing is perfect outside, but your soul power is high, your soul is contented.

A soul that is contented accepts everything. They bring different situations and people (with different values/habits) into their life and lovingly manage all of them together, which ends up nourishing their soul more.

There are times when we are contented with others (people and situations), but not with ourselves. Contentment does not mean we stop our progress. It means at this moment — whatever we have and whoever is with us — we are contented with them, and the next moment we will work hard and achieve more. It’s about being grateful for what you have now while pursuing all you want.

There will always be challenges in dealing with others — situations and people. We need to find solutions while also making progress. We also need to set everything right, but to do all that, we first need to keep our mind silent, which means we need to accept our situation for what it is before we can change. Relationships and results go hand in hand. We need to stop thinking in terms of problems and start thinking in terms of solutions.

Acceptance is naturally accompanied by contentment because you are never questioning any circumstance or anyone’s behavior because you are contented with them. As such, you are contented with yourself too.

Our power to accept others nourishes us, keeps us together, and subsequently provides nourishment to others.

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