Power to Discern

In this day and age, it’s not unusual to be misled by others. They may be saying one thing, but thinking something else, or they may behave one way while their thoughts are different. For us to avoid being misled by people or situations, we need the power to discern what is right from wrong and what is true from false.

For that to happen, we need to stop seeing things superficially and learn to see the vibration of that person or situation. We need to check that subtle energy that isn’t visible. If we discern and take action on the basis of only what is visible, we risk making a mistake. If we use our vibrations to sense their vibrations, we can’t go wrong because we have discerned correctly. To discern other people, our vibrations need to be quite high.

If we don’t discern accurately, we risk treating the wrong as right, and when that happens, we will base our karmas on the wrong thing for a lifetime. We will end up endorsing the wrong thing and not have the power to pursue the right thing because we did not discern the right from the wrong.

If we do not go deeper, then the bigger decisions we make in life can go wrong. Decisions in our personal life, in the work we do, and in the relationships we have — one decision we take has the power to decide the destiny of those around us. We will choose the right path only if our power to discern is accurate.

We have already learned, in any situation, we need to detach ourselves from the situations and people around us. It means they should not influence us while we remain in our original state of purity, peace, love, and happiness. We let go of the past and we forgive others so we can move on with our lives. That makes tolerance natural. We accept everyone’s behavior and every situation, just the way they are. We cleanse ourselves of emotional toxins, old habits, and our opinions of others, which helps clean our own vibrations. Only when we are able to do these things can we begin to discern for ourselves and others.

Discernment needs divine intellect. Anyone who has a divine intellect is able to absorb useful information while leaving behind the unnecessary. When we cannot discern correctly, we make mistakes and our intellect stops working, which is why we are prone to making mistakes.

If we want to discern correctly, we need not think about other people. We discern the situation to see how we should respond and behave by focusing on the self. The more we focus on the self, the higher our vibrations will be. The more we focus on changing others, the more our vibrations will fall. When vibrations are low, our power to discern diminishes. It means in every situation, we need to bring back awareness to the self. In every situation, we need to think about how we thought, what we spoke, and how we behaved. We need to bring our attention to self-care, self-attention, and self-change.

Instead of focusing your attention on what others are wearing, what their position is, what they have achieved, the way they speak, etc., focus on their vibrations. With practice, you will feel the vibrations from people upon meeting them. At this point, we will know people as they are.

It’s only when we discern correctly that we can speak truly about what is beneficial to others. Only a discerning soul can influence others because every word it speaks is true; there is no adulterating of meaning or motive involved.

The power to discern is supremely important today, because we are living in a world where things are superficially different. Unless we have the power to discern, to know what’s right from wrong, what’s true from false, we risk being fooled, misled, or (worse) being betrayed by others.

In any situation, we need to focus on our thoughts, behaviors, and actions. This keeps our vibrations high. Only then can we sense others’ vibrations, pay less attention to what they are saying or doing, and focus more on the vibrations we are receiving from them.

With the power to discern, we can never be misled by our self, other people, or situations. We also need to be discerning of ourselves, such as being able to recognize our own weaknesses. With our divine intellect, our power of discernment is at its highest. Once we discern correctly, we will automatically make the right decisions every time.

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