Whenever we talk of world transformation, we ask, “Who will change this world?” We are waiting for it. We think our world needs to change. Our country needs to change, our city needs to change, our family needs to change… so much needs to change, but what are we doing about it? Having this thought itself won’t change the world. If we think that a particular profession or political, religious, or scientific power will change the world, we are mistaken.

In the preceding drafts, we talked about the various powers of the soul. The first power is the power to withdraw or detach. It means detaching from situations, vibrations, and behaviors of people. They do not influence us. We choose our own behaviors and thoughts. We remain detached from their energy. The second power we invoke is the power to let go. We let go of small matters easily and when we can do that, the soul gets more powerful and can start letting go of bigger situations. When we practice letting go, we tolerate other people’s behaviors. We don’t feel that we have to tolerate; tolerance becomes natural. None of their behaviors, energy, vibrations, or karmas will disturb our mind. We have tolerated them. Once we have tolerated, the mind does not raise questions such as why they are like this, why did this happen, or why the situation is this way. So the next power that emerges within us is the power to accept.

When we practice these four powers — detach/withdraw, let go, tolerate, and accept — the mind starts becoming peaceful. There is stillness in the mind. The continuous inner conversation of thoughts that go on throughout the day start becoming silent. Because of the silence, our intuition becomes stronger. Our clarity and creativity also increases. Our vibrations become higher. We develop the next power — the power to discern. Knowing what is right or wrong becomes easy. Once we discern what is right, next is the power to decide. When we practice all this perfectly, and if there is something wrong happening around us, we will have the power to confront.

When we are using these seven powers, the eighth power emerges within us next. All this is a transformation within the self. Everything is happening internally. When such transformation happens within us, our energy reaches another level. Our thoughts become powerful and pure. Our every word becomes accurate and beneficial. Our every karma gives happiness to other people because we have created these seven powers within us. So the eighth power that emerges is the power to cooperate with others.

The first seven powers were for our own self. The result of using them is that we can empower other people. Because even if other people do not behave right with us, we remain detached. It means even if others do wrong to us, we detach from their energy so we do not create wrong thoughts for them. When we do not create wrong thoughts for them, we are by default radiating good energy to them. We are cooperating with that person by not radiating negative energy to them.

At any point in time, our vibrations can either uplift or bring down other people’s vibrations. When we meet certain people, our state of mind improves, and when we meet certain other people, our state of mind suffers. It all depends on where they are in their vibrations. So when we raise our state or energy level, anyone who comes into our energy field (those who live/work with us or anyone we interact with), that person receives our high energy and that is our cooperation to them. This is our cooperation for people and situations surrounding us.

Let’s say someone has an unhealthy habit/value, and they are a victim of their wrong habit, enslaved by their addictions, repeatedly making mistakes, or just failing in general. Regardless of who it is (family/friend/children), we will not worry for them because our worry sends them negative energy. We have accepted that it is the current situation, we have discerned it. Now, we will keep our emotional state high and create good vibrations for their success. This means we are cooperating with them. Had we worried about them because of our old habits/values (as in what they will do next, and how to set things right for them), all these thoughts would have only depleted their state of mind.

The world is created by the state of mind of each and every one of us. It is the collective consciousness of all our minds. Suppose there are four members in a family. When we combine all four minds, the total energy will be the energy of the home. If an organization has 100 employees, then those 100 minds put together will be the energy of the workplace. Today, we are billions of people inhabiting this planet, and all our minds put together is the energy of this planet. We are all a part of it.

When we create worry or anger, or when we were stressed about our unmet expectations, experienced hatred, sorrow, or pain, all those times we worked in creating the planet for what it is today — these are the sum of our energies that created this planet in its present state. Now, we need to extend cooperation to make this a beautiful planet.

We extend cooperation by being with everyone and living a life of purity, peace, acceptance, happiness, love, and wisdom. We will understand people, empathize with them, and be compassionate. All these positive habits/values are extending cooperation to the planet. When we create this self-change within, we are cooperating and contributing toward world change.

It’s possible to live with everyone and still walk a path of truth. We say it’s an era of conflicts, clashes, and an absence of peace, but a Lotus flower blooms even when surrounded by mud and muck. It does not live separately away from them. This means we need to live in this world surrounded by people’s various habits/values, but we need to blossom like a Lotus flower, which means we are present, but separate. It remains there but is untouched, detached and yet loved by everyone. When our life resembles that of a Lotus flower, we end up sending our positive vibrations along with our blessings to others, while thriving at the same time.

Suppose there is a crisis — an extremely difficult situation and everybody around the world is worried. Everyone is blaming each other and there is total chaos, but we are stable and focused. This means our vibration is extending cooperation to that situation because we are shifting the problem to a solution. We need to cooperate the whole day. We need to extend cooperation to people, situations, and most importantly — to the world — because our vibrations are radiating to the Nature around us. Our vibrations radiate to the body, so we need to cooperate with our body. When we brought about a change and created high vibrations in our mind, it radiated to the body, and our body received cooperation. It radiated to people, so they received cooperation. It radiated to our surroundings, and nature received cooperation. It radiated to the environment, and our planet received cooperation.

Check yourself throughout the day and create one powerful thought: “My state of mind creates this world. What I am in my mind, I am contributing to create toward the world. Even if I bring one shift in myself, I am shifting the world vibration. That is my connection with the world”. This is the power to cooperate.

A soul that is powerful does not want anything from anyone else. That soul does not need the world to be their way. There is no desire that the world should be our way or people should be our way. We have done our inner work. That soul will only keep giving with both hands. With one hand, we are giving away our knowledge — it means the knowledge we have earned and the qualities we have developed will not remain only with us — and with the other hand, we are giving our blessings to others. Our knowledge, our powers, and our disciplines keep radiating to others from us. No matter what habit/value the other person carries, we will always give them blessings. Because the soul is powerful, there is not a single negative thought created. That soul will extend cooperation by giving blessings. So our every thought, every word, and every karma should be a blessing for others. Our karmas will change other people’s destiny. A powerful soul like that will cooperate in creating this beautiful planet as if Heaven on Earth.

With our vibrations, thoughts, words, and behaviors, to our environment, our body, and to those around us, we, the souls, extend cooperation through our purity.

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